Lung Cancer Screening: Primary Care Nurse Practitioners (NPs’) Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices
USC College of Nursing Preparatory Research Work Grant

Period: July 2016–September 2017
Role: Karen Kane McDonnell (Co-PI)

Long-term goal: Examine (using a national sample) NPs’ knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding LDCT screening in the post–National Lung Screening Test era. Major objectives: (1) Evaluate NPs’ knowledge of the risks and benefits of LDCT screening, appropriate population for screening, recommended screening interval, and practice guidelines; (2) examine NPs’ attitudes towards LDCT screening and associated practice guidelines; (3) determine the extent of risk/benefit information NPs offer patients and their current screening practices for lung cancer; (4) identify structural barriers that inhibit NPs from discussing LDCT screening with high-risk patients and recommending screening to interested persons; and (5) examine whether NPs’ knowledge level and attitudes about LDCT screening and associated practice guidelines predict their screening practices.

Note: Manuscript is currently in press (August 2018)

Additional Research:

Primary Care Nurse Practitioners (NPs’) Perceptions and Lung Cancer Screening ~ A Qualitative Study.
University of South Carolina, Magellan Scholar

Roles:  Lauren Blew (Undergraduate student), Karen Kane McDonnell (Mentor)

The goal of this descriptive qualitative study is to enhance our understanding of the perceptions and attitudes of the NPs about their lung cancer screening practices. This research study complements the study described immediately prior to it.