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Nurse researchers Karen K. McDonnell and Amy Dievendorf


In the state of South Carolina, lung cancer incidence and mortality rates exceed national averages – we currently rank 16th in the nation.

People are sometimes surprised to learn that lung cancer accounts for more annual cancer-related deaths than breast, colorectal, and prostate cancers combined and that lung cancer – not breast cancer – claims the lives of more women each year than breast cancer.

The good news is, as early detection improves and treatments advance, lung cancer patients are surviving longer. However, one missing piece is survivorship support – lung cancer survivors need access to adequate and appropriate resources and programs to address the many symptoms they experience – even after treatment ends.

With support from our participants, partners, and stakeholders, we are dedicated to the continued development of high quality, evidence-based programs aimed at improving the quality of life for survivors and family members (dyads), and actively advocating for increased support for one of our state’s most vulnerable, underserved populations.


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Shared decision-making aids that promote healthy behavior changes.


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