Lung Cancer Screening: Primary Care Physicians’ (PCPs) Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices
Source: American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant
Period:  03/15/2016–09/30/2017
Role(s): Karen Kane McDonnell (Co-I), Jan M. Eberth (PI)

Long-term goal: Examine (using a national sample) PCPs’ knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding LDCT screening in the post–National Lung Screening Test era.

Major objectives: (1) Evaluate PCPs’ knowledge of the risks and benefits of LDCT screening, appropriate population for screening, recommended screening interval, and practice guidelines; (2) examine PCPs’ attitudes towards LDCT screening and associated practice guidelines; (3) determine the extent of risk/benefit information PCPs offer patients and their current screening practices for lung cancer; (4) identify structural barriers that inhibit PCPs from discussing LDCT screening with high-risk patients and recommending screening to interested persons; and (5) examine whether PCPs’ knowledge level and attitudes about LDCT screening and associated practice guidelines predict their screening practices.