A Dissemination Project to Advance Lung Cancer Screening in South Carolina
The South Carolina Cancer Alliance

Period: August 2014-September 2015
Role: Karen K. McDonnell, (PI)

This project sought to create environmental and policy changes that reduce the number of lung cancer deaths and improve quality of life for lung cancer survivors in South Carolina. The major objectives are to:

(1) collaborate with national and state nonprofit organizations on the development and dissemination of a lung cancer screening fact sheet for policymakers and stakeholders;

(2) conduct a quantitative survey of primary care physicians (PCPs) through the South Carolina Academy of Family Physicians to assess knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding low-dose CT lung cancer screening;

(3) develop and pilot test a shared decision-making aid for PCPs to use in their practices, as they discuss the pros and cons of lung cancer screening with their patients;

(4) conduct and evaluate an “Evidence Academy” for South Carolina PCPs, aimed at disseminating evidence-based guidelines and practices for low-dose CT lung cancer screening.