WEBINAR: Lung cancer screening in SC and Beyond: Are guidelines and reimbursement enough?

Monday, August 27, 2018
11 AM – 12:15 PM

To register: Send us an email with your name, organization, title, and email address.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Clinicians, oncology professionals, and SC stakeholders statewide (clinical, community and congregational leaders) with an interest in lung cancer and lung cancer screening.


  1. Disseminate results of lung cancer screening research conducted by USC researchers (2015-2017).
  2. Provide a forum for colleagues from statewide clinical sites to report/describe their experiences in their settings.

Our Columbia, SC-based panel includes:

Facilitator: Pamela Gillam, MPA, Director, Core for Applied Research & Evaluation, USC Arnold School of Public Health

Please contact Tamara by email or at 803-777-9736 for more information.


Do I need any special equipment or software to join this webinar?
If you do not already have Adobe Connect installed on your computer or laptop, we will send you a link for the plug-in that takes about 10 seconds to upload.

Can I call in to the webinar with questions?
Phone calls are not possible, but we encourage viewers to text questions, or share their experiences, with our Chat moderator. They will be answered by one of our expert panelists.

Can I invite other colleagues to participate in the webinar?
Please do – share this link and encourage any colleagues with an interest in lung cancer/screening to join us.